The Band

“Moonlighter showcases the amazing power of alternative rock” (SoundOfNow – Nov 2017)

One was a rugby player, one is gay, one was in a successful death metal band when he was only 13 years old and one has taught music in India. Can you guess who’s who? Moonlighter’s quirks translate directly into their sound. A bit of everything and everywhere fusing into this bigger-than-life collection of indie rock tracks that don’t commit to one dimension. The music always true to its feeling and message whether it be to tell a personal story of cataclysmic proportions such as in “Breaking Even”, or to make strong political statements such as in “Somewhere Else Instead” and “Raging Storms” or simply to offer some moments of laughter with reckless and shallow joy such as in “Lady and The Plumber”. Still exciting variety converges into an organically cohesive thread formed by their signature guitar-solo-driven sounds, powerful vocals and notable extremely sweaty live performances that leaves everyone else but the band gasping for breath.